Course curriculum

  • 1

    Card Magic Basic

    • Message from the instructor of what you need

    • A list of materials, tools, and where to find them

    • How to mix cards like a pro

    • How to mix cards like a pro explanation

    • how, just by running your finger down the cards, you can make people choose the card you want them to, every time performance

    • how, just by running your finger down the cards, you can make people choose the card you want them to, every time explanation

    • False shuffle performance

    • False shuffle explanation

  • 2

    Elastic Band Magic

  • 3

    Coin Magic Basics

    • Table coin vanish performance

    • Table coin vanish Explanation

    • French drop performance

    • French drop Explanation

    • coin fold rip performance

    • coin fold rip Explanation

    • Disappearing glass performance

    • Disappearing glass Explanation

  • 4

    Pen Magic

    • Pen through elastic band performance

    • Pen through elastic band explanation

    • Flip stick performance

    • Flip stick explanation

    • Before you go...

    • Resources and further reading


  • How many tricks will I learn?

    You will learn 15 of my personal go-to magic tricks

  • What if I don't have enough time to learn magic?

    These magic tricks can be learned fast ( within minutes) - these tricks have been hand-selected as they are easy to learn but designed to get amazing reactions! Once you've watched the instructions- you can be performing within minutes.

  • How quickly do the tricks take to learn?

    The tricks I have put together are simple, and you will be able to learn some of them in minutes ( the quickest I have had someone learn one was 45 seconds )

  • Is this course beginner friendly?

    Yes- you absolutely do not need any previous magic experience.

  • What is the age range

    The age range is from 7years up, Although I have had a 4-year-old be able to do a couple of the tricks.

  • What If I am clumsy or not good with my hands?

    You do not need sleight of hand to learn these magic tricks. Thee tricks are designed for anyone to be able to learn. However, once you've mastered these tricks, you will look like a pro!

  • Is this a refundable course?

    Unfortunately, no. You are buying both Davids years of experience AND the secrets to the magic- therefore this is non-refundable. Also, you have unlimited access.

  • Is this trick a suitable gift?

    100%! If you have a friend that wants to learn magic- this is the ultimate gift to learn amazing tricks to amaze anyone.

  • Who is this course for?

    For the Beginner Simple Magic will provide you the foundation you need to ace every single magic performance you'll ever put on. Learn the exact tips that I use to "wow" any crowd! I will be bringing out and intermediate and advanced course very soon for those that want to progress to the next level


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